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NOTE - All games are scanned for virusses and none are found. If you might find a virus, please let me know so that I can offer a virusfree game.
DOSGAMES.NL is the online portal for all the abandon, free, and shareware games that where ment to be played in DOS (Disk Operating System). We offer the games because we LOVE the oldskool, retro and offcourse nostalgic games whow we all played (not all offcource, but the "old" computer users will have played them.
If you have games laying around that are not placed on the site, please send them to me (or send me a mail with the onces you have).
Do you have suggestions? Please send those to me aswell. The email address to mail to can be found under the about on the left side of the site.

The search is google add and is not optimised for!
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12 Feb 2012 - Added 30 games
8 Feb 2012 - Added a facebook like button ;) please like the site. With 100 likes, 100 extra games will be added, chat removed

21 Dec 2010 - Added a chat that is reachable by clicking HERE

20 december 2010 - A perfect DOSemulator. Avaiable for the following operating systems: Windows - FreeBSD - Fedora - Gentoo Linux - Source - Mac OS X - Solaris 10 - OS/2 - BeOS - Risc OS

19 December 2010 - 545 Games online. We worked for a few days to manage this. We have altered the way of working which makes it easy to add games to the site.

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